Neurotablet® is a technology device for cognitive rehabilitation.


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The exercises on the device


The Neurotablet® contains different exercises divided into six cognitive areas: Attention, Executive Functions, Speech, Memory, Neglect and Perception.

Customizable settings

Each exercise has a wide range of settings that can be customized immediately before the start. Examples are reaction times, the type and number of stimuli on the screen, and many other parameters that vary from exercise to exercise.

Therapy plans and patient interface

Neurotablet has a specific therapist interface to remotely manage patients’ therapies. This is specifically structured to adapt to the different patient’s objectives and progress. Thanks to the easy-to-use patient interface, patients always know at what point of their therapy there are. This helps them stay motivated and play an active role in their rehabilitation process.

System features


Patient/therapist mode

Neurotablet is provided either in patient mode or in therapist mode. The patient version gives the possibility to do the exercises and monitor statistical data through the online platform. The therapist version, on the other hand, allows remote setting of therapy plans for different patients and monitoring of all their progress through the therapist’s online platform.

Face-to-face or distance rehabilitation

Neurotablet has many functions that are specifically thought for face-to-face rehabilitation. In this case, it can be considered as a generator of neurocognitive exercises, i.e. an easy and flexible device at a therapist’s hand. However, it also has different functions that allow a therapist to remotely set a therapy plan (a series of exercises with pre-set difficulty and stimuli), and monitor patient’s progress.


Data visualization and patient-therapist communication

Neurotablet allows therapists to remotely monitor data of their patients, as well as communicate with them through the Neurotablet itself.

What’s inside the Neurotablet?


Neurotablet’s cognitive rehabilitation exercises are provided on a Samsung Tab A.

Web management and monitoring platform for rehabilitators

From the online platform, rehabilitators can create therapy plans and remotely view their or their patients’ data.


The package also include a headset for the audio exercises.


Neurotablet is also provided with a hard cover to protect the device and to have it stand on the table for an easier use.

Scientific foundations

All Neurotablet’s exercises have been developed based on the most effective rehabilitation paradigms emerging from the 2010 Siena Consensus Conference.
Neurotablet allows rehabilitators to set specific therapies and decide how much control patients will have over their rehabilitation. Being part and responsible of the rehabilitation process, and especially playing an active role in it is an essential aspect in neuropsychological rehabilitation of post-acute deficits. The remote administration gives the possibility to have patients rehabilitate even at home, when the therapist is not there. This reduces rehabilitation costs while improving its efficacy, as patients can follow their therapy more intensively and on a daily basis.
Neurotablet is currently subject to scientific research to validate the rehabilitation specific features.
A significant sample of Neurotablet’s exercises is being normalized with people without brain damages divided into categories as sex, age, and level of education. In its daily use, rehabilitators will have a performance reference to better adjust the rehabilitation tasks.


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